Safer Gambling

Online casinos' have a duty to ensure you are playing responsibly and not risking money and time you cannot afford.

Deposit match

You are in control, set yourself realistic deposit limits to fit your budget. If you increase the amount or frequency, it will not take effect for 7 days. Decreases take immediate effect.

Loss Limit

Very similar to deposit limit but you set an amount you are comfortable losing before the site stops you playing.

Time Out

This gives you a choice of how long you would like to suspend access to your account for between 1-30 days. During your selected period you will be locked out from playing on the  site. This will block you from using all products on the website for the period of your choosing.

Please read each companies T&C prior to registering.

18 years old and over only !!


You can choose which products you want to be excluded from or whether you want to be excluded from the site as a whole. This action cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

Self Assessment

Not sure how much gambling has become a problem for you? Take our online assessment to find out how much of an impact gambling is having in your life.



You are not alone !

There are several charities and agencies that can help you through your recovery.


There is life after gambling, ask previous member battled his demons and now helps others who are in the same position he was.